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Stinky Gallery

Stinky and his mate

Written by Rik Carpenter.
Illustrated in Leeds, West Yorkshire
by Pete H.


Artist Portraits

Can you guess who are these artist portraits? They are all chacatures of famous artists.

Monkey cat childrens book illustrator in Leeds

Monkeycat and his Fabulous Friends

Written by the famous writter, Jon Wiltshire. In Yorkshire UK

Mazik and the Miss Fitz illustrated book

Mazik and the Miss Fitz

Written by Ian Joseph.
Illustrated in Leeds, West Yorkshire
by Pete H.

Assorted Childrens Illustrations

Assorted Childrens Illustrations

A selection of images that I have created for clients over the years.

Miscellaneous illustrations

Miscellaneous Illustrations

Enjoy a selection of Illustrations commissioned in Leeds and London, UK.

Animal-Magic personal design work

Animal Magic

An exhibition of artwork created by Pete H in Leeds, Crown Street, LS2 7DA

Mental health and political images gallery

Political and Mental Health

This series of art is about mens mental health and some very political images that make a statement.

More images coming soon

More Illustrations Soon

Coming Soon..........

Illustrator Leeds

I am an illustrator in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and have been producing quirky and imaginative illustrations for over thirty years. In that time I have worked for numerous companies across the UK and Europe, including weekly and monthly magazines, book publishers, design groups, advertising agencies, academic establishments, and community arts organisations. These include: Pyramid of Arts, and Inkwell Arts both based in Leeds. In my work I use various media including: Pen and Ink, watercolour, gouache, acrylic, photo-montage and computer-aided design. I have a very flexible style ranging from simple light-hearted cartoons to detailed portraits and caricatures. In addition, if the client requires I can incorporate effective graphic design skills, including typography, logo design, business cards, posters, fliers, and brochures.

I have flexible budgets for the work I produce and I am able to tailor my designs to suit each individual client, often working to tight briefs. Some of the companies I have worked for include: Pardoe Blacker Publishing, Letts and Lonsdale, Longman Books, Hodder and Stoughton publishing, Richmond English, and Oxford University Press. In the last five years I have illustrated several Children’s books, the most recent is for a Leeds based author which is to be published in 2021. Titled ‘Mazik and the Miss Fitz’, the story is centred around the adventures of a young boy, Mazik and his small dog Chepi, who encounter three witches called the Miss Fitz. Mazik has special powers passed on to him from an alien life force which he uses in his dealings with the witches. He also rescues an orphaned girl called ‘Kizam’ who accompanies Mazik on his various escapades. The story contains thirty one illustrations in black and white which I had enormous fun producing.

I would consider my work to be of the highest standard and I really hope you get in contact soon, because I can work with any business in a cost effective way. This is so you get a good return on your investment. I hope you have found here, one of the best illustrators in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

45 Memorial Dr
Meanwood, Leeds LS6 4LF

Ring: 07905 772704