Characters illustrated here are an example of what I can do for you


Illustrator Yorkshire.

My logo designed by pete H and the graphic design is original

Graphics designed

Illustrator Sheffield for a previous job.

Image of a skelleton coming out of a closet

Illustration Manchester

Example design meets the clients specification for illustration in Manchester

Image of it's raining cats and dogs illustrated in Leeds Yorkshire

Graphic Design Yorkshire

Illustration always completed on time.

A picture representation of having a musical ear

Illustrator in the UK

Based in Leeds West Yorkshire

Image is a dog sitting on a boy looking to be taken for a walk.

Work example of previous illustration completed in the UK

Image design for an older client graphics designed on time every time.

Stepping out of line is an idiom example of illustration in Leeds West Yorkshire

Leeds illustrator

Traditional art made better by digital manipulation.

A giant from nowhere looking to go to somewhere illustrated by Pete H

Graphic Design

Digital Graphic design has enabled me to create great artwork.

Graphics designed for the book Monkey Cat image of a zoo at night

Artist Leeds

Artwork completed by me for a previous client.

Graphics designed for the book Monkey Cat, image of an Elephant Owl

Graphic artist and illustrator

Illustration Yorkshire, Humber, Manchester, and Sheffield.

Image of a duck reading a book illustrated by Pete H

Artwork Illustration Leeds

Images used are design examples that can also be licenced for use.

Graphic representation of a dragon driving a wagon

Designer Leeds West Yorkshire

Book and advertising images that people remember.

Illustrated image of bears climbing a tree in the woods

Illustrator Leeds

Artwork and artist designed works are varied and bespoke.

Digital illustrated image of a man on a scooter speeding.

Yorkshire Illustrator

Leeds based graphic artist and illustrator.

Black man cleaning his teeth in the mirror

Illustration examples

Previous employment has enabled me to present these examples of my illustration work.

Talk show host doing an interview

Graphic design examples

Previous clients have recieved artwork on time every time.

Man falling asleep at the wheel of a car

Graphic artist Leeds

My graphic design skills and illustration work show you what I can achieve.

Man coming out of his shell

Artwork examples

Im allways improving my skills to include digital manipulation of graphics.

Political stance of a man high up

Designed by Pete H for a client

Yorkshire illustrator based in Leeds UK can create magical images for your use.

Great thinker, man looking into books

Budget Illustration examples

These examples are only a snippet of what I can achieve for your project.

Crazy professor has the solar system in his hands

Cheapest illustrator in Leeds

Book illustration completed in Leeds West Yorkshire.

Kid collecting pennies and saving his money

Images and examples of Graphics

I am an Artist with over 20 years of experience in Graphics.

Man on a bike pulling buildings

Illustration & graphic design examples

Please get in contact as I am probably cheaper than you think.

Caravan club for people to enjoy.

Illustration Yorkshire

I can work from Home to reduce the cost of illustrations saving you money.